Scott Base and Pressure Ridges


Somewhere over the rainbow, there’s a place called Scott Base. It’s the New Zealand Antarctic base that’s located about 1.5 miles from McMurdo Station. It’s cute, small, and a lot like one of those gerbil tunnel things since all the buildings are connected.
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What I did yesterday: a LiDAR test tale

We’ve been sitting around McMurdo waiting to get on a Herc to Byrd Camp since Saturday. In the meantime, our team has been conducting flight tests around the local area and working on instruments. One particular instrument that’s been acting up is the LiDAR.
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Happy Camper

Those of us going to the deep field are required to take a 2-day survival training course known formally as Snowcraft I and affectionately as Happy Camper School.


It includes spending the night on the ice shelf outside of town with gear that would typically be found in a survival bag.


The group boarding a Delta 2 on the way to our campsite. There were 10 of us, most of whom were first-year visitors who came down on the same flight from Christchurch.

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McMurdo Alternative Art Gallery

The next day was the McMurdo Alternative Art Gallery event and a few of us were determined to participate. (Photos sprinkled throughout this post.)


Nativity scene made from waste food. All trash of any kind has to be shipped off the continent, so recycling is key.

A few days earlier, some scientists from UTIG finished up their project. They had dropped a robot through a borehole in the ice and drove it around in the ocean under the ice shelf taking video of the bottom of the shelf and the creatures that lived down there, a place that’s incredibly hard to get through it’s far from the ice edge and the ice is more than 100 ft thick.
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