Intro to McMurdo

When we arrived, we were shuffled off to get briefed on all the things we needed to know about being in McMurdo. The takeaway message is that there is a lot of training to do. We learned about Snow School (required to go into the deep field), the Outdoor Safety Lecture (required to hike out of sight of the station), Light Vehicle Training (required to drive the trucks, vans, and mattracks), Crary Lab Safety Training (required to work in the science lab), the Crary Lab Tour (just awesome), and the Dirt Walk (to get our bearings around town).


In addition to the training we learned about who to call in a variety of situations (the default being the fire department which seems to manage quite a bit around here), where to get our keys and linens, and where to find all the information we forgot. It was a bit of a whirlwind, but useful overall. After the brief, we headed toward our rooms and lunch before joining back up for the Dirt Walk which introduced us to town. As we were walking, it started to snow.

Later that day we met up with a few other people in our group at the University of Texas and it was nice to catch up. We made plans to attend Christmas dinner together and the seed was planted for turning some of their recent science work into an exhibit at the McMurdo Alternative Art Gallery (MAAG) event the next day.

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