My first flight!

Today was my first flight and it was awesome. Everyone on the DC-3 kept commenting on how it was the most perfect day for flying they’d seen in a long time. Not to mention we were able to get the lidar working in flight and the gravity software update appears to have fixed the gravity meter. So on top of the beautiful weather, for the first time in a long while (i.e. before my time), we had all instruments on the plane working at the same time.  It was a victory all around. Photos throughout this post.


Blurry photo of me on the flight? I thought you’d never ask.

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First Weather Day

It’s working day 2 here at Byrd camp, but unfortunately today has become a “weather day” – the forecast was not good enough for a survey flight, so everyone stayed in camp. After yesterday’s rough landing, the Basler pilot decided not to take any chances today. It ended up being a fairly nice morning, but now in the early afternoon, some low clouds are starting to move in and the skies are fully overcast. The temperature is dropping, too, and there are some snowflakes and “diamond dust” in the air.
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First Survey Flight Day

Today was our first full working day at Byrd. I overslept, of course, to get things off to the right start. The Basler engines woke me up 5 minutes before takeoff. I wasn’t completely necessary for the process since I wasn’t flying that day, but it would have been useful for me to be there as ground support. Oh well.
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