New Zealand Roadtrip: Day 5

The next morning I woke up to a fog-filled valley. The outside of my tent was pretty damp, but I’d managed to stay dry. It looked a little dreary out, but as the sun got higher in the sky, the fog burned off in a matter of minutes. It was really cool to watch it disappear so quickly as I ate breakfast.

The campground was the nicest I’d stayed at the whole trip, complete with dish washing sinks, so I spent some time cleaning dishes and packing things up for real since I was heading back to Christchurch later that day.


Bye Mt Cook!

After I’d accounted for everything and packed it all up, I headed back to the main road that would take me to Christchurch.


Oh hey, lake

I stopped for a few quick side hikes along the way, but nothing too exciting. I made sure to stop by Lake Tekapo, though, which is a popular destination. I ended up stopping to fill up my tank and have lunch of a beach.


Gonna miss this

Then after a leisurely break I got back into the car and set my sights on the city.


I would get stopped behind a school bus on my last day.

I had planned to get back to the rental car place at 5pm, but didn’t make it back until 5:30 because of Friday afternoon rush hour. (Aren’t there only 10 people in NZ? How do they have rush hour?) It was no problem either way and Raewyn was there to pick me up. (She’s so nice like that.) I showed up my mirror damage and I think she was impressed. We transferred everything to her car and headed back to the house.

We may or may not have gotten lost along the way but we made it home just the same. I took a long hot shower and put my laundry in to be washed. After a little bit, we were joined by John and Raewyn’s brother’s friend, Colin, who was visiting from the UK. It was his first time in NZ and he had just come down from a two-week tour of the North Island so we swapped stories.

It was a fun night of storytelling, wine, and another great meal fresh off the grill. We ended up staying up late talking and tracking down a neighbor with a clothes dryer to expedite drying my stuff. I was leaving for the airport at 4am the next morning so there wasn’t a lot of time for the thick stuff to dry.

The drying finally got done though so I packed up the rest of my stuff and headed to bed. 4am came in a flash and both Barrs were gracious enough to get out of bed and take me to the airport. It ended up being a good thing I got there early because there ended up being bag check issues that required me getting an Australian visa. At least my Australian visa lasts for a year. Any takers?


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