Boulder in February

Because I can’t sit still for very long, 10 days after I got back from New Zealand I was off to Boulder, Colorado for a few days. It was a quick trip for a meeting there which was good. I’d opted not to go to a another meeting in Boulder the week before because I was pretty spent from my jet lag and trying to catch up on class. In other words, I was overdue for a conference trip by the time this one came around.

Photo on 2-21-13 at 8.41 AM

Turns out it’s cold in Colorado in February. And I had just gotten used to 70’s back in Austin. Good thing my winter clothes weren’t put away yet.

Photo on 2-21-13 at 8.38 AM

The second day I was there I woke up to this winter wonderland. Can’t complain too much.

Meetings I go to don’t tend to be too exciting, at least to other people. There were a lot of talks all day at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). This meeting happened to be about uncertainty quantification and analysis using the climate model I run so there were a lot of talks from statisticians and some from climate modelers of different stripes, including two people in my research group who do physical oceanography.

At the end of the first day there was a reception to mingle and that’s where I met Bill Gutowski, an apparently well-known meteorologist/climate modeler. He was at NCAR for a different meeting at the same time. One of the organizers of my meeting had mentioned there was another Gutowski in his midst so he came over to say hello. It was really cool of him to do and we had a good chat. It sounds like some of our work is related so I bet I’ll be running into him in the future, especially now that I’ll think to look out for him.

After the reception we weren’t feeling up to lunch yet so the four of us who had come from my research group headed to a local fitness club. One of the conference hotels had a deal where you could buy a $5 one-day pass to get in. It was totally worth it. First of all, how cute are we to have a gym date with our research group? Second, this was no ordinary gym. The equipment was awesome. There was a juice bar inside. The bathroom was enormous and had complimentary lockers.  Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, AND shaving cream were all provided. Plus hair dryers and various lotions and things. Third, there was a hot tub in the locker room. Enough said. Call me sheltered, but it was the best $5 I spent all week, that’s for sure.

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