Panning for Gold


On the walk from the conference center to my hotel

My last few days in Breckenridge were good. My talk went well and I met with a lot of colleagues I hadn’t seen in a while. I also had a nice chat over breakfast with Bill Gutowski (unrelated) who I met in Boulder back in February. He’s a scientist at Iowa State who seems to focus largely on the atmosphere and hydrology. Should’ve gotten our picture taken together.

One group picture I DID get though, was of the Haverford climate modeling contingent. I sent it in the HC news folks so we’ll see if we’re on the cover of the next newsletter.


The conference ended around noon on Thursday. A friend of mine from Antarctica lives in Denver, so he made the drive up and we leisurely headed back to the airport. We stopped at various lookouts and scenic spots on the way to enjoy the scenery before I had to head back.


It was nice seeing him and nice not have to take the shuttle back to the airport, particularly because the shuttle schedules are limited so that the latest one I could catch for a 9pm flight was at 2:15…that’s a lot of time spent waiting in the airport. Something I already do my fair share of.


Troy really wanted me to take a picture of the gold flakes in the stream. They weren’t exactly easy to get out. I should’ve made friends with this guy first.

In the end my flight was uneventful. When I got back to Austin I had an airport shuttle reserved to get home since it was after midnight. This morning it was back to work as usual.

With thoughts of mountain views and donkey horses still in my head.

I’ll probably spend a fair bit of time working this weekend in anticipation of my trip to HAWAII on Monday!

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