Hawaii overview


After some flight changes due to the closed runway at SFO, I finally left Hawaii today after getting to spend an extra night in paradise. The trip was fantastic overall. Brian and I stayed with some of Brian’s friends from the Coast Guard Academy who live in a gorgeous house, about 2 blocks from the beach on Kailua Bay. Because we were on the opposite side of the mountains from Honolulu, we were able to avoid a lot of the tourist traps and heavy traffic.

The coasties would typically go to work in Honolulu until mid afternoon and then come home. That gave me some time to get my own work done as well as squeeze in a few trips to the beach on my own. It was great staying with locals since they knew all that great hikes and had lots of tips about what to do. It also gave us access to cars to get around on our own sometimes, not to mention a free place to stay. That’s definitely the way to travel.


Kenny setting up his kite for kite surfing on Kailua beach

The trip included a lot of highlights that I don’t have pictures from. Brian and I had dinner with my cousin Adam who I hadn’t seen in probably 7-10 years. I also got to enjoy the incredibly beautiful scenery, which my pictures will never do justice. It was even beautiful during the almost daily afternoon rains. I tried poke bowls (chunks of raw fish over rice) for the first time which was heavenly and we spent both Tuesdays at the Shack, a little bar/restaurant in Kailua with delicious pub food.


I spent plenty of time outside and plenty of time with Brian, who I won’t be able to see again until September probably. I’ve written some posts about highlights that I do have pictures of which I’ll post here over the next couple of weeks. I’m finally ab out to get out of SFO and head to San Diego for the week, so there should be more posts about this trip in the future, too. In the meantime, enjoy the Hawaii posts!


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