Hiking Part 1

We spent a lot of time hiking during my stay in Hawaii, which is something that I really love to do. It was a great way to experience the natural beauty of the island. We were also lucky enough to be staying with locals, so they knew all the good trails to visit.


Makapuu Lighthouse

Another one of the roommates, Joe, had taken leave while I was visiting so that he could spend time with his parents who were also in town. One morning my first week, Brian was at work so I joined their family for an easy hike up to a lighthouse on the eastern shore of the island.


Makapuu Lighthouse

The hike was steep at first and it was pretty warm out, but it was also wide and paved, so nothing too treacherous. The views were great and included a hang glider, paraglider, and a few helicopters that seemed to be circling for a photo shoot of some kind.


View from the lighthouse trail

It was my first near-aerial view of the coast during the day since I arrived so it was especially spectacular and I took a lot of pictures. After that hike, we took a coastal route to lunch at a local restaurant, Kona Brewery. Great strawberry salad and pesto pizza. Brian and I went back there for lunch another day and the Ahi salad and Hawaiian pizza were equally good, not to mention the beer was delicious.


Hanauma Bay on the drive to the lighthouse, a popular snorkeling spot for tourists 

That afternoon we stopped by Bellows Air Force base which has a pretty nice beach where we swam and spent a lazy hour on the beach. I ended up with a bit of a sunburn, but the hike and drive that day made for a great morning.



Lanikai Pillboxes      

Another day a group of us decided to go for a short hike up to the Pillboxes, a rock formation close to the coast with great views of the water. The trail was pretty dry and dusty, so it was trickier to hike than it looked since we did a lot of sliding around. But the trip up to the ridge was easy enough and there were a fair number of people out that afternoon with kids and dogs.


At the top there were a series of old war bunkers to stand on for a better view. We climbed down into one it looked mostly just like a hangout spot for local hoodlums than anything else. It was interesting imagining it being used in the war though, with a slit on the coastal side to see who was coming and fire at them, I suppose.


View of Kailua Bay from the top of the pillboxes

Another short, pleasant hike to appreciate the Hawaiian scenery.

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