Why don’t they serve beer at math parties?

Because you shouldn’t drink and derive. :)

On my way back to the Mainland from Hawaii I stopped in San Diego for the week to go to a conference of the Society for Industrial and Applied Math.


Because of my flight changes that led to an extra night in Hawaii (yay!) I missed the first day of the conference and ended up arriving at the hotel around 2am Tuesday morning. Luckily, my room was great.


I stayed at the Town & Country Hotel which is also where the conference was being held. My mom had stayed there a month earlier for a conference and gave it good reviews, so I figured it’d be nice. But I was still a little surprised. The furniture was great and I even had my own balcony.


The place was a large resort/hotel/conference center and the grounds were nicely landscaped. I forget that not everywhere is in extreme drought right now, so it was nice to see the flowers blooming. Unfortunately someone goofed on the booking, so on Thursday I had to switch to the Handlery Hotel next door.


It was a decent place, too. Not as fancy, but it had its own perks like shuttle service to the zoo (more on that in the next post!) It also had a nice restaurant which I went to Friday night. I had a Manhattan. It was that kind of place. Or that kind of Friday night. It’s a toss-up.


The conference was a decent one. I didn’t present this time around, but this is one of my favorite organizations to be a part of. The Society for Industrial and Applied Math brings together people from a lot of different fields so it’s fun to see what everyone’s up to and how the different applications of math overlap.

Talks ranged from climate change to robotic clams to (in my mind) esoteric mathematical algorithms. There were only a few people there from the climate science community, but the topic got two plenary talks which made it obvious that it’s an up and comer in the applied math world. Later in the week a panel was convened to talk about the future of the applied math field and most agreed that geoscience in its various forms has a lot of fodder for mathematicians (and funding agencies!).


the closest I got to downtown San Diego, other than stopping to drop off other hotel guests at the San Diego Pride Parade (which looked like it was a blowout even this year, of course)

In case you haven’t been there in a while, I can confirm that Southern California is still the same sunny, beautiful place as the last time I was there.  My trip was lacking on actually feeling like I was in San Diego, but conferences can sometimes be like that. This just means I’ll have to go back sometime when I can get a chance to explore more!


4 thoughts on “Why don’t they serve beer at math parties?

  1. You must have been in one of the towers at the Town and Country. I was in one of the original areas, which was fine, but is on the list of updating. I loved the zoo, and got in free thanks to a member!


    • Oh, I was definitely in a tower. Top (tenth) floor! Were you in one of the two-story units? I was wondering what those were like inside. They seemed homey.


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