Homeward Bound

The day after I got back from San Diego I took over a house sitting job. Some scientists at the Institute went to Europe for a month with their kids, so another grad student and I each took 2 weeks looking after their fish and cats.





That first day of house sitting I also hosted a Bastille Day party, but of course I didn’t have the presence of mind to take any pictures. It was a huge success, due in part to the fact that 2/5 of the party goers were French.

I kept busy for the rest of July, catching up on birthday celebrations, seeing two great people get married, and sending off some high school friends for their road trip back to MD. And oh yeah, working on my thesis. Less than a month now! Woohoo!


Not too shabby.

The rest of the time things were pretty uneventful. (Best blog post ever, right? Sorry, people; I can’t always be off doing something new and exciting.) The cats kept me good company and it was great having such a nice place to stay. (Did I mention that our A/C was broken when I got back from my trip?)

Photo on 7-18-13 at 11.28 PM #2

This cat was ALL OVER ME whenever I got home.

Luckily the AC got fixed in time for my triumphant return to my own room. While I was still house sitting, a modeler from the Jet Propulsion Lab who came for a visit to the Institute and to attend my friend Dusty’s wedding was staying in my room. So that worked out perfectly.


3 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. Gail, you’ve certainl been staying in some pretty posh places! Also, I’m glad to hear your field is an up-and-coming one in the math world (I’m assuming that’s the case because of what you said about the climate change part of the conference, too). Love all the pictures!


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