The Big Move


I’m leaving Thursday morning (EARLY!) for my trip to Svalbard, Norway. (I wasn’t actually kidding about the polar bear thing.) I’ll be gone a week and then I’m sure I’ll have plenty of pictures and posts to share. In the meantime, I thought I’d fill the gap with a throwback to my move to Austin. I don’t think I ever shared these photos with anyone, so it’ll almost be like it just happened.

Three years ago this week I moved to Austin. I started at the University of Texas at the beginning of September 2010 and the rest, as no one actually says anymore, is history.

Getting to Austin was a bit of a production. My dad and I loaded up my car with all my worldly possessions (and some other random stuff when there was extra room left in the car) and spent 5 days driving from my parents’ house in MD to my new home in Austin. Along the way we saw some sights and visited some new places.

Also along for the ride was my avocado plant, Billy Bob. This guy was sprouted from an grocery-store avocado pit. Since I’m slightly obsessed with avocados and my impression was that sprouting them is difficult, there was no way I was giving him up. He had to come. Not only did he come, Billy Bob ended up with a front row seat on the journey. (At least until he got a little sunburn and had to move to a shady seat in the car. What a diva.)


Billy Bob in his seat of honor. My mom even made him a blanket which read “Ruby Lee pending” thanks to my sister. She insisted I get Billy Bob a lady friend once I got to Austin.

So stay tuned for the adventures of Billy Bob and I’ll be back in action in September.


5 thoughts on “The Big Move

  1. Hope your thesis goes well; when do you find out what the “Powers that Be” think of it? Have a great trip to Norway!
    PS: Love the wedding pictures!


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