This Post is Dedicated to My Sister

I’m a terrible sister.

You see, six months ago, my sister had a birthday. I only have one sister, so you’d think this would be obvious to me. But I was out of town gallivanting and totally forgot. To be fair, I went to Alcatraz that day. I was in prison. Literally.

Okay, I have no excuse. I just plain forgot that I should keep track of what day it is because some days are more special than other days. Lessons learned.

I realized later what I’d done. Two weeks later. I suppose I stopped for a moment to consider that it had been a while since my sister had a birthday and maybe she was about due. I called her to beg forgiveness and she was very understanding.

But that doesn’t change the fact that I missed her birthday. So, I’d like to institute the celebration of a new holiday, folks, because today my sister turns 30-something-and-a-half. That’s right, today is my sister’s half birthday and in honor of that, let’s relive some memories, shall we?

Remember that time we went to the Grand Canyon?


And I made you get up at 4am to see the sunrise?


Worth it, amiright?

And then we went on a road trip and saw the world’s largest thermometer.

My life is complete.


When we were in LA we saw your favorite person’s square at Grauman’s!


What a memory.
Plus we stayed with the Bakers and went to the Getty.


You wore your Blue Angels shirt. What style.

And then there was that time I took you camping (your very first time!) in Florida…in July.


Camping prep, courtesy of Ed Ronco. (And my dad. Thanks for the stove, dad.)

You claim you’ll never go camping again, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

And of course there was the incident with spending the night in a park. With no tents or anything.


But you came prepared.

And you wore your Blue Angels hat. Because duh.

And it was worth it in the end because we were there for this:

Yeah, that was maybe the last NASA space shuttle launch ever.

A few days later we went to Epcot and you got us into the VIP lounge at the Test Track. You’re kind of a big deal.


And who could forget that time our brother got married?


We clean up well.

Then of course there are all the family get-togethers, like every New Year’s for the last 25 years except one. (Sorry to ruin the streak; Antarctica was calling my name!)


So happy half birthday, Clare. Thanks for the adventures.

(P.S. Wanna go camping?)

10 thoughts on “This Post is Dedicated to My Sister

  1. You’ve made my day. Happy half birthday, Clare ( a little late..just read this on Oct. 4). As for me, I am happy to be part of this family!


  2. What fun, and how nice. I smiled all the way through it. Worth having your birthday forgotten…. Happy Half BIrthday, Clare (and, Meg, I think Oct. 4 IS the day.) Who took that great picture of the cleaned-up siblings?
    Love, Ellen


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