Circle Brewery Open House

One of my neighbors is co-founder of a local brewery called Circle. Every once in a while, they have an open house where they open the place up and invite anyone and everyone to come enjoy some quality beer. It usually involves at least one food truck and a lot of people with lawn chairs. This was my second time attending and it was great, as usual.

circle-brewery-open-house  There’s a self-guided tour through the machines in the warehouse to give you an idea of the process. The first station showcases the ingredients that go into the different beers, all of which were on tap at the open house. This is a much different way to think about a pint of

After that there were a number of stations describing the process. I didn’t capture them all, but here are a few that I’m sure are important:

Mashing is when you take the grains for the beer and heat them together with water to start breaking down the starches. This process happens in a big tank like the one shown below.


Mashing machine

Skip a few steps and you finally get to the fermentation stage. Here are Circle’s fermentation tanks ready to go.


fermentation tanks

When they beer is ready, a lot of it gets put in kegs and delivered to local establishments to be served.


But on this particular day, we were keeping it close at home with a few hundred of our neighbors. If you ever get the opportunity, I recommend giving their beer a try. They have something for everyone and it’s all great!

One thought on “Circle Brewery Open House

  1. Hi! When I click on “read more” for this new post, I get the message “not found”. When I go directly to the blog, it’s not there. Is this the whole thing, or am I doing something wrong?

    On another note, now that chuckle-headed congress has closed the government, when you head to CA, Yosemite might be closed. I hope they have rectified things by the time you all get there. Check out the artwork for the Google sign in!

    Love, Mama


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