I’m in California for Thanksgiving! Brian and I joined some of his friends for a pot luck “Friendsgiving” in the Oakland hills. I met a lot of new people (and a cute puppy!) and enjoyed a LOT of good food. The beautiful sunset “didn’t suck” either, as one of the potlucker-goers would say.


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Fruit Baby Comparison

[Sorry about the accidental partial draft that went up earlier. Had the publication dates mixed up. It was a late night! -Gail]

I realize that my blog already meanders quite a bit, but I read an article recently that I feel compelled to share. I may decide later that I was way off base with this, but it’s rare for me to see science articles so well-written, well-illustrated(!), and, well, interesting. It was written by Robert Krulwich, Science Correspondent for NPR. In it, Krulwich declares:

Aging = Drying

Say what? This correlation had never crossed my mind, but it’s such a novel idea. And apparently the evidence is pretty straightforward. Here’s a water baby to look at while I explain.


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“95% uncertainty”

Last week, the UN Convention on Climate Change was held in Warsaw, Poland. The purpose of the conference was for UN countries to come together to decide on a unified response to climate change.

The Convention was a bit rocky throughout the week. Many pointed to the recent typhoon in the Philippines as a call to action, even though single weather events can’t be linked directly to climate change. Australia’s government voted to repeal the country’s carbon tax and Japan declared it won’t be cutting emissions as much as expected due to its post-Fukushima energy reality. On hearing that news, about 800 conference-goers from frustrated NGOs walked out.¬†
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I recently stumbled upon the latest viral approach to parenting: Dinovember.

Basically, some creative parents are taking the month of November to reinstill imagination in their children for the second year in a row. Every night of November, the parents stage the kids’ dinosaur toys to look like they’ve come alive overnight. Kind of like leaving leprechaun footprints in the house around St. Patrick’s Day or staging those little elf dolls around the house at Christmas. But this just seems way more awesome.

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