Weekend home

I did a lot of not taking pictures this weekend, but I think in this case that made it all the better. I had a great birthday with my family (fried AND grilled oysters!), several nights ended in the hot tub, and I did a whole lot of visiting with various family and friends.


I rarely checked email or the news, as my life the past few days was driven more by who we were seeing next. It was great to spend a relaxing weekend with Brian and both our families. It was also a reminder that a home-cooked meal on your birthday just can’t be beat (thanks mom and dad!).


The only time my camera made an appearance was during a kayak trip on Sunday afternoon. It had been years since I was somewhere  to see the leaves change and I had forgotten just how great it is. (Although Meg sent me a taste in the mail that will help me remember now that I’m back in Texas. Thanks for sparing a few leaves from your 129 bagfuls!)


Definitely glad I took the time to go home and so thankful for all the birthday wishes from people near and far.


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