Michael Bublé

As you know, I went to visit Brian in the Bay Area for Thanksgiving. I arrived late Tuesday night and on Wednesday we both had to do some work. So he went to work until about 12:30pm and I stayed home to work remotely for the morning. I was already excited about our upcoming Thanksgiving feast the next day, but he came home with another surprise for the weekend: tickets to a Michael Bublé concert Saturday night.

michael-buble-concert-with-band I wasn’t expecting that one at all. It turns out he had gotten free tickets through a friend at work who couldn’t use them. So after a lazy Saturday we got dressed up and headed out to the concert at the Oracle Arena. Bublé is a great vocalist and his band is incredible. The show certainly didn’t disappoint.

We were in the nosebleed section, but off to the side so we had a pretty good view of the stage. The hydraulics on the stage itself were pretty impressive with ramping going up and down during a lot of the show. And the risers the band sat on moved forward and back on the stage depending on who was featured during any given song. Each of the band members was introduced individually and played a solo, which were all awesome. Brian and I were both glad they took the time to feature the other musicians.

michael-buble-a-capellaThere was also a second stage on the other end of the arena floor where Bublé had an interlude with a local motown a capella group. They did a Jackson Five song a capella and it was amazing. There were a lot of classics at the concert overall, which were great. We were expecting more Christmas music given the time of year, but he didn’t do one until “All I Want for Christmas” was requested during the encore. He admitted to the audience that he had butchered it during sound check and ended up starting over mid-song when he messed it up again, but he was a great sport about it.

Overall the concert was great, from the music to Michael Bublé’s good-natured humor. I definitely recommend the show to anyone who’s considering it, although I think his current tour is coming to a close. Keep an eye out for it in the future if you’re a fan of big band, motown, and great, old-school vocals.

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