100th post

This is my 100th post! In honor of the momentous occasion, I would like to confirm that I am, in fact, not yet dead. Far from it.

A year ago today I was packing to start my trek to Antarctica in less than 24 hours. Fittingly, Brian and I spent this past weekend in another winter wonderland that I was visiting for the first time. Not quite the same as going to the bottom of the world, but still a full-circle kind of moment as I realize it’s been a whole year since the biggest adventure of my life and the one that instigated this blog.

I’m Not Yet Dead was basically started to chronicle my travels. The map above is a geographic summary of the blog so far, which just goes to show that travel has been a big part of my life in 2013. From one end of the world to the other in only 100 posts. It’s hard to believe where life can take you.


6 thoughts on “100th post

  1. And you’re not done yet! The geographic summary you show is almost art in itself, so I hope you design something permanent showing where you’ve been just in one year. I’ve always realized that each generation in our family has traveled a bit farther than the last, but your adventures tops them all. Will the next generation get to outer space? Maybe, but you might beat them to that, too!


    • Thanks, Tom! Not sure what the stats are for the 100 posts specifically, but according to my travel app I’ve been on ~30 trips amounting to 150,000 miles and 6 countries in the past two years. Will have to think more about recent road trips to add up the states. Good thing I have a blog to help keep notes for a future book!


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