Tahoe weekend

Attending AGU is always a rewarding, yet grueling, experience. It’s a long week that takes strategic planning to keep from getting burned out. A few days of vacation afterward always helps to rejuvenate me before heading back to work the following week.

Last year I went back to Maryland after AGU. The year before that a friend and I stayed in a hostel and went on an epic biking misadventure in the bay area. Two years ago was my first visit to San Francisco so I spent some extra time taking in the sights. This year Brian and I were both in town so we decided on a weekend getaway to Tahoe.

I had been to Tahoe once before, when Brian and I passed through 18 months ago on  our cross-country road trip to move him to California. This time we were heading east to Tahoe, shamelessly abandoning our efforts to pack his house in anticipation of his eventual move to Florida.


I took the train out of the city to meet Brian after AGU ended on Friday. We stopped to rent snowboarding equipment for me in Berkeley along the way and ended up getting on the road pretty late. It was just after midnight by the time we got to Tahoe, but I wasn’t complaining — we drove in during the Geminid meteor shower, which (needless to say) is way better in Tahoe than it is in San Francisco.

Brian found a great lodge for the weekend, including wood-burning fireplace, murphy bed, and fully-equipped kitchen. We made some great food, including back-to-back remixes of the crabmeat and cream cheese scrambled eggs we first had at Zahniser’s when we were home in November. No regrets.


Our room was awesome, but our main objective for the weekend was to hit the slopes. Brian is a skier and I’m a sometimes-snowboarder, so we decided to take this opportunity to visit a few Tahoe resorts in case it’s our last chance for a while.

Unfortunately, it’s still early in the season for good snow and a lot of the slopes at nearby mountains weren’t open yet. We spent Saturday on the Homewood bunny slope so I could relearn how to get down a hill. It wasn’t graceful, but by the end of the day I could safely navigate my way down.

The next day we went to Northstar so Brian could do some real skiing while I kept my eye on the prize of not seriously injuring myself. I’m happy to say we accomplished both objectives and came away at the end of 5 hours feeling very sore, but happy. Back at the Jeep, we fueled up on some wraps for lunch before heading back to Alameda.

We were home by 7:30 and got straight back to packing up his house. Overall it was a great weekend of fun, relaxation, and getting things done. Hard to believe in just a few days we’ll be home with family for the holidays.

4 thoughts on “Tahoe weekend

  1. I envyBrian the chance to ski although I’d have been cross country skiing instead. Only went to Tahoe once and that was summer. I can just imagine how beautiful it is in the winter.


  2. I’ve never been to Tahoe, but it looks beautiful. I’m glad you had a chance to decompress after all your work, Gail. When is Brian going to transfer to Florida?


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