Christmas in San Francisco

I tend to gravitate toward more open, natural spaces when I have a choice in travel, but there’s just something about Christmas in the city that can’t be beat. Almost any city will do, but San Francisco is high in the rankings of Christmas joy this time of year.

macys-christmas I’ve stayed in the vicinity of Union Square for AGU for three years running. There’s nothing better than walking to the conference every morning and seeing the Macy’s wreaths, skating rink, and huge Christmas tree. Then there are the extensive decorations, from the sugar castles to gingerbread houses, in any hotel lobby you stop into. The actual silver bells wringing on corners by the Salvation Army volunteers only add to the ambiance. 

I’m heading home for the holidays tonight and there won’t be anything quite so spectacular in small-town Maryland, but there’s still no place like home for the holidays. 


3 thoughts on “Christmas in San Francisco

  1. You’re absolutely right about Christmas in cities, Gail. I was in SF one Christmas season, and the only downside was that warm weather. Didn’t seem right. Safe home, and I’ll see you there. Gorgeous pictures, by the way.


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