Home for the Holidays

I’m home for the holiday season! So far there has been a lot of visiting with family, home-cooked meals, and Christmas decorations.


Last night I went to a local favorite holiday event at Ann Marie Garden. Every year the garden is lit up for visitors to pass through. In the past, the Garden in Lights has been a drive-thru, where you view the lights from your car. These days though, it’s a walking path. The weather is unseasonably warm, so it was a great night for being outside to view the lights.


Not to mention, Brian’s dad played lives music with the famous Calvert Brass Consortium in the Ann Marie art gallery before we took a spin outside. You won’t hear me complaining about a night of great music and hot chocolate.



2 thoughts on “Home for the Holidays

  1. I hope we all get a chance to see the Ann-Marie Gardens when we get to MD. We did that a few years ago by car, but it would be fun to walk it this year, if the weather holds. Your pictures are great! Will Brian’s dad be playing with the Calvert Brass Consortium there through the holidays? I hope so!


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