Triumphant Return

I’m back in action this week after a break for the holiday. I had originally planned to continue with small updates to keep up my posting streak, but in the flurry of holiday festivities coupled with a bad cold, I think I needed the break.


Being home for the holidays was a nice treat after being away last year. Antarctica was awesome, but it was wonderful to be home at Christmastime. Brian was able to come home as well so there was a lot of family time on both sides. Here’s a recap of some of the awesomeness:


  • Celebrating Brian’s brother’s “21st” birthday
  • Flashdance at the Kennedy Center followed by truffle pizza for Brian’s mom’s birthday
  • Three rounds of present opening on Christmas Day
  • Crowley New Year’s featuring an epic present opening session, good food, and lots of football
  • Putting some final painting touches on my parents’ updated bathroom
  • Completing three (!) jigsaw puzzles
  • Making goat cheese cheesecake (and eating it!)
  • Getting engaged to Brian!
  • Celebrating our engagement, my parent’s 43rd wedding anniversary, and Brian’s birthday all in one go
  • Snow!!


Let’s just say I got my fair share of champagne and dessert over the break.


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