We’re Engaged!

Brian and I are engaged! And it’s awesome!

It all happened on a boat trip up the Chesapeake that we’d been trying to do for months but hadn’t gotten the chance.


We left the day after Christmas. It was a beautiful day to be out on the water, sunny and calm. We had originally planned to take the trip the weekend before, but the weather was bad so we decided against it.


We left from Brian’s house headed for Herrington Harbor, about 2 hours north. We figured out the autopilot early on so it was easy going for the most part.


The only issue along the way had to do with the fuel tanks. Brian noticed they weren’t burning off evenly, so periodically we put the boat in neutral so that he could adjust things. 


We continued on like that for a while until Brian decided it would be great fun to teach me a lesson on how to drive the boat. So naturally he found the life ring, threw it overboard, and told me to go fetch it back. That turned out to be surprisingly tricky to do.

He ended up helping to get close enough so I could pick it out of the water. And then we were on our way again.

At that point I laid down for a nap. I’d been getting sick so I took the opportunity for a rest on our mini-vacation. I got up after about 20 minutes and took over at the helm.

Pretty soon the sun started to set. Brian took the boat out of gear again and I figured he was going to adjust the fuel lines like he’d been doing the whole trip.


But I was wrong! Turns out he’d snuck a ring on board and put it in his pocket while I was asleep. So he put the boat in neutral and instead of opening up the floor boards he started telling me how much he loved me. I thought he was just being sweet, but pretty soon he pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him.

Needless to say I didn’t hesitate for a millisecond. We were still in the middle of the Bay — and at this point floating off course — so after a lot of hugging and kissing we got back on track for the harbor so we could pull in before dark.


Brian docked the boat like a pro (okay, he is one) and we checked in for the night. The one detail Brian hadn’t thought of in advance was champagne, but luckily there was a liquor store across the street that was still open. We walked out with some Korbel and headed back to the boat.

After champagne and lots of phone calls, we made dinner. Okay, Brian made dinner. What a guy, right?


Dinner was followed by chocolate chip cookies and a competitive War tournament. You know, the card game of pure chance? Yeah, Brian won 3 times in a row and then cheated me out of a victory that was rightfully mine. But I guess I’ll forgive him this once.

The next morning we headed back home with a fuel stop on the way. As we finally pulled back to the pier at home, we were greeted by both of our families waiting for us with cheese and (more) champagne.


We had a mini celebration on the boat when we pulled up and shared the proposal story with everyone.


Brian finished filling in the captain’s log before we got off the boat. It’s in the record books, so it must be official. We’re engaged!


5 thoughts on “We’re Engaged!

  1. I love the story and the pictures, not to mention Brian’s concise log of exactly when and where the proposal took place. Congratulations again to you both! The shamrocks decorating the boat were also very fitting—by the way, what’s the name of the boat?


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