Looking Back on 2013


2013 was good to me by all accounts. I visited 2 new continents and 3 new countries, finished my master’s degree, and got engaged to one hell of a man. It was a west-coast kind of year, making a bunch of trips to California locales, including several that were new to me. Plus an epic trip to Hawaii which made use of my scuba certification and made me fall in love with poke and ramen.


Brian and I had lots of adventures, of course. He taught me to shoot a gun, but failed (despite a valiant effort) to make me into a decent racquetball player. We went sight-seeing at Alcatraz, skiing in Tahoe, and  skydiving in Hawaii. And of course there was that time he tricked me into an emergency life-ring recovery mission before asking me to marry him. Well played, honey.


There were bumps in the road, of course. The weeks leading up to completion of my MS were a pathetic scene of misery. Nearly every flight I’ve had for the latter part of 2013 was delayed or cancelled — I couldn’t seem to get anywhere on schedule. I started a great running program in the fall but had to regroup following a bad case of tendonitis. But life is full of times like those and the sense that “this too shall pass” was never far from my mind even during the low points. It’s all part of the ride.


I’m sure there will be plenty more adventures in 2014. Here’s to another year of blogging about them!

2 thoughts on “Looking Back on 2013

  1. You really did have a fantastic year, Gail! Loved the pictures, especially the one of you skydiving, and, of course, the one of you with your Masters degree. Here’s to 2014 being even better!


  2. You have had a year to remember! Thanks for summarizing it all here, and for sharing parts of it in emails, phone conversations, letters (retro!), and, best of all, in person. Onward to 2014. I’ll come along for the ride.


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