This just in…

I don’t usually feature breaking news here on the blog — I usually don’t have any — but today seemed like a good opportunity to share the latest. Winter has officially arrived in Austin.


 Those are some colors we don’t normally see on the radar around these parts. It started sleeting around  5pm yesterday and basically went through the night with some flurries mixed in. As of 11:30pm Thursday, at least parts of every major road in Austin were shut down due to unsafe conditions, there was a 23-car pileup in one spot, and more than 50 other traffic accidents around town.

Most schools had called for a delayed opening by Thursday evening, but the ones that waited until closer to midnight to make a decision cancelled outright. It’s a mess out there folks.

I hear it’s a mess in other parts of the country, too. Let’s all observe a moment of silence for those teachers in Maryland (and perhaps elsewhere) who will be teaching a half day today (yes, Friday) after a federal holiday and 3 consecutive snow days. May God have mercy on your souls.


I also had a parents-know-best moment tonight. Who would have thought I would get so much use out of a window scraper in Central Texas? Thanks, dad.


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