Because every day should be a holiday…

Happy Chinese New Year!

Internet issues on the homefront meant I wasn’t able to get this post up earlier. Lucky for me, the Chinese New Year festivities go on for 15 days so this still counts.

A few weeks ago, my friend Angela sent me this postcard. My own little piece of China to help celebrate and also maybe my first postcard from Asia.


The New Year celebration is a big deal to the Chinese.  It’s a family-oriented celebration of the start of a new lunar calendar.

Austin is just big enough a city to have its own festivities for the occasion, too. The Chinatown Center down the street from my neighborhood has an annual family-friendly carnival and this year it will be held next weekend, on Feb 9, 2014. The festival includes activities like a climbing wall, performances from dancing to martial arts, and of course awesome food.

Here’s the full schedule for any Austinites who might be interested:


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