Presidents’ Day

I may never have to do another substantive blog post because of the number of holidays widely celebrated in America these days. But today is a good one — President’s Day!


Until a few minutes ago I thought it was Presidents’ Day, but apparently the national version is just President’s Day, to celebrate George Washington’s birthday. (Remember that time he resigned the Presidency so the executive branch would be less like a monarchy? Joke’s on you, George — you’ll always be King to us.)

My confusion about it being Presidents’ Day stems from the various state versions of the holiday. Some states celebrate Washington as well as Lincoln (another February baby) and maybe even Jefferson. Basically it’s a holiday free for all when many kids would normally have off school. Unfortunately for many kids in America, snow days have forced them back into their classrooms today. (What ever happened to liberty?)

Happy President’s Day everyone. I recommend flying your flags and celebrating in the traditional way — by buying a new mattress or car (on sale!!!).

2 thoughts on “Presidents’ Day

  1. No new car or mattress, but my flag is flying.
    And I always thought Presidents’ Day was mainly for the February Fellows — Abe (Feb. 12?) and George (Feb. 22). Oh, and also a combination of the two days to a Monday, thus ensuring another three-day holiday weekend, unless you’re a kid living in the snow belt.


  2. Well, you got me. I always thought, as Ellen did, that it was a mutual celebration for George and Abe. Back in the old days, we used to get both birthdays off from school but then we went to one. Actually the kids here are off because they need the school parking lots for people to park because it is forbidden on the streets till they clear off the snow.


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