Photos Discovered from the Ross Sea Party Expedition, 1915

Last month, 99-year-old photo negatives were discovered in Scott’s Hut near Cape Evans on Ross Island in Antarctica. Ross Island is also the location of McMurdo Station and Discovery Hut, which I visited and posted about a little over a year ago. Some of you may have seen this story when it hit the news last month, but I thought it was worth bringing up again because it’s just so amazing.

The photos were recovered by conservators with the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust (NZAHT) who are currently working on preserving 4 expedition huts in Antarctica which were originally built for early exploration of the continent by people like Earnest Shackleton and Robert Falcon Scott. As you can see in my Discovery Hut post, despite the harsh environment in Antarctica, the cold lends to preservation even after 100 years. My visit to Discovery Hut was before any of the restoration work had begun, and the condition of the items inside — from clothes to pots and pans to cans of food — was remarkable, even without conservation efforts.

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