Ruby Lee Update

I got a letter last week asking about how my avocado tree is doing. I planted a grocery store avocado pit last July and first posted about its progress in September. Well, Ruby Lee (as the tree has been dubbed) is still going strong.

Since the last time around, she’s got more leaves and I’ve transplanted her into real soil in a pot. Ruby’s about 2 feet tall now; soon I’ll transplant her to a bigger pot.


It’s been a long hard winter, but I’ve been able to bring Ruby inside during overnight freezes. The rest of the time, she can live in the sun room, protected from the elements but still getting lots of light. Even during milder winters, it’s generally a bit too cold to grow avocado trees in Austin, so Ruby Lee will probably get a few more pot upgrades, but never be planted outside. I’ve heard there are one or two varieties of avocado that can be grown in Austin, but I haven’t looked into them yet. Since I started this one from a grocery store avocado, it’s pretty much guaranteed not to be one of those.

I’ve started some other seeds in pots, but nothing outside. I’m glad I went that route,  since we got another freeze overnight last night and I wouldn’t be surprised if the university is closed again (!) tomorrow for an ice day. It really has been a crazy winter.

But there’s nothing like tomato and basil sprouts to remind you that it’s got to get warmer sometime. I’m using egg cartons to start the seeds that will be transplanted later on.


And my wildflowers are undeterred.


Here’s to hoping it’s not still 35 F and sleeting outside when these bloom.


4 thoughts on “Ruby Lee Update

  1. A fine-looking crop, Gail. And that sunroom looks pretty nice too. There is no green here — only deep, incessent WHITE and temperatures with minus signs in front of them.


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