I’ve been cooking at home more often lately. As I tinker in the kitchen, I’ve been better about remembering to write down great recipes that I come across. Recipes in the trial phase go on cards (or slips of paper if I’m being honest). But the keepers go straight to my Moleskine recipe book.

I love this book. The pages are just the right size for every recipe I’ve put in, plus there’s a conversion table and an expandable pocket in the back to keep loose recipes. Add two bookmarks and stickers (!) to label things and this might just be the coolest recipe book ever.

Of course, a recipe book is only as cool as the recipes in it. One day someone might inherit this thing from me and I want it to be full of delicious recipes, but also full of recipes they might not have tried before. As fate would have it, last week I made a recipe two nights in a row that meets both of those criteria.

I present to you: Nicecream.


That’s right. Liquid nitrogen icecream.

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