Wine Psychology: How to make your wine taste better than it really does

It’s Friday and I’m a scientist, so I thought I’d share another interesting Science Friday podcast I heard recently about the psychology behind wine. It focuses on the ritualistic nature of drinking wine and how it just seems more special than drinking other drinks.

Specifically, there’s more of a process to it, from tasting a bottle at a restaurant before passing it around the table to allowing a red to breathe before drinking it. There’s just something about wine that encourages you to take a little more time to appreciate what you’re drinking.

(I should say that wine is not unique in this anymore, although it arguably has the longest history of this kind of ritualistic treatment of any beverage I know of. My roommate recently introduced me to the concept of “Third Wave coffee,” which has much the same sense of respect for the process of making and imbibing in coffee as is more commonly done with wine.)

Thanks to the additional pomp, it’s possible to take advantage of psychology to trick your guests (and maybe yourself) into believing your wine tastes better than it does. Here are some tips recommended in the Science Friday show.

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