The Easter Basket

Happy Easter!


It really snuck up on me this year. It’s the end of April already?? 2014 is almost 1/3 over? What?

I’ll be celebrating a friend’s birthday and doing some work this Easter, so no egg hunts for me like when I was a kid. But one tradition that does persists is the annual Easter Basket fixin’s that my mom sends. (Thanks mom!) I can always count on getting my yearly fix of Girl Scout cookies and peeps this way.

Speaking of which, I’m a huge fan of peeps. Mom included the new sugar free kind this year and I’m a fan of those, too.

I know eating peeps isn’t for everyone, but do you know what is for everyone? The Annual Peep Show sponsored by the Washington Post. No, really. You need to check this out.

I think my favorite diorama this year is “Peeping POTUS”, featuring the NSA.


There’s even a peep-sized styrofoam cup!


This year’s finalists and semifinalists include great dioramas on the Olympeeps, Gravipeep, and Peepnado. Check out the links for the full set.

The winner this year is “I Have a Dream: Martin Luther King Jr. Addresses the Peeple”, a gray-scale replica of MLK Jr.’s historic speech. Wow. Notice how it’s done in perspective, so the peeps in the back are smaller. (More detailed photos can be seen on the finalists page.)


Here’s a video description of this year’s Peep Show finalists. And if you’re new to the WP Peep Show, you can also check out the 2013 winner and finalists, including Zero Peep Thirty.

Easter is somehow not complete without the Peep Show. Which are your favorite?


6 thoughts on “The Easter Basket

  1. The Peep Show is definitely on my list now. (Though I’d rather look at them then eat them!) Loved the descriptions. Happy Easter/Happy Peeping.


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