In case you were wondering, attics are hot in Austin in May.

Photo on 5-4-14 at 2.55 PM #4

And packing takes a long, long time.

Photo on 5-4-14 at 2.52 PM

I decided to break down the packing situation into areas of the house where I had the most stuff.

So I started with my bedroom and bathroom which took a whole weekend. Next I tackled the kitchen, which only took about one evening. (I was the last roommate to move in, so the kitchen was pretty well stocked when I arrived.) This is the resulting pile of boxes, with odds and ends thrown on top.


Shout out to Spec’s and my friends for providing boxes.

Next was the attic. It was hot. It was dark. Thanks to my roommate Ute for providing a head lamp (mine was packed) and moral support. It only took about an hour for me to find and extricate the things I had put up there. I pleasantly rediscovered that I own a toaster (thanks Ellen!), a microwave, and a vacuum.

And so the pile grew ever larger.


The last major project will be the garage and greenhouse, where I keep many a gardening accoutrement. It never ceases to amaze me how packing is always a never-ending saga. And I don’t even have that much stuff!


8 thoughts on “Packing

    • It’s staying right where it is for now. My landlord/roommate has graciously said I can leave it for the summer. The other option is a storage unit. Hope to be closed on a house by mid June though!


  1. When I moved from 336 Chestnut to my first apartment, everything I owned fit in my Volkswagen. When I moved from that apartment to the next one, it took friends’ help and a whole day to move (and the apartment was furnished, so I didn’t have that burden). Tom’s right—it just gets worse.


  2. And when I moved to California, everything I owned fit into a Volkswagen too. On the way back home a year later, I discovered how to minimize even further — stay overnight in Omaha and have someone break into the car and take half your stuff. Problem solved, at least for a few years.


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