My Packing Days Are Over

There’s been a break on the blog while I finished packing up my house and left for a work trip. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, but I’m finally back in action.

I’m in France at the moment. Before I could leave for this trip there was so. much. packing. I’m in the process of moving house so I had to pack up everything I owned while sorting into piles for this trip and also for my summer away.

My room went from this a week ago Saturday:


To this on Tuesday:


Those last few days were a long haul. As with all things in life, there were up and downs. For example, I packed everything I needed for my 11 days in France in a carry on.


I was feeling triumphant so I attempted to do basically the same thing for everything I would need during the summer.


And failed. Pretty spectacularly.


But try, try again as they say. I found a different (possibly slightly bigger if you squint) bag for my next attempt and attacked the problem a little more aggressively with the shoe placement and clothes rolling.


And it was amazing how much more I was able to fit! But I still failed. This time I was out of time and luggage options so I tossed the rest of the stuff in a cardboard box and shipped it via Fedex. (Fedex has reasonable prices for shipping luggage as is, by the way.)


Today begins meeting 2 of 2 for this trip. Six more days until I’ll pack up my stuff once again and head back across the Atlantic pond. It’s nearly time to update my resume to include my packing skills.


3 thoughts on “My Packing Days Are Over

  1. I bet we could all take lessons from you on how to pack efficiently! Great pictures, too. I hope you’re enjoying your time in France!


  2. You must have inherited your mom’s packing skills. Nice job! I too could use some lessons, and my back would appreciate it.
    Eager to hear details of your trip to France.


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