Pensacola Road Trip: Live Blog

Update [7:50pm ]: 15 hours 50 minutes later, we’re here!


Update [7 pm]: Finally in Florida! (The Rain State.)


Update [3pm]: Made it all the way to southern Alabama before the rain hit.


Update [5pm] : Final gas stop of the trip, mostly to avoid paying Florida prices for gas.


Update [2 pm]: I spent the first 7 hours of the trip playing 2048 on Gordon’s Nexus and still didn’t win. By 2pm I’d all but given up. DO NOT download this game if you don’t have time to spare.


Update [1pm]: Gordon experiences his first open Weigh Station, something of an enigma.

open-weigh-stationUpdate [12 pm]: Finally crossed into Tennessee after spending an hour asymptotically approaching the border. Taught Gordon what an asymptote is.


Update [11 am]: Gas stop at a Kangaroo off I-81. Cheap gas and energy drinks.



Update [10 am]: We made it about 5 hours before our first rest stop. Gordon is still in good spirits.


Update [9am]: We hit a bit of rush hour around Fredericksburg, VA and fell in behind this banana truck. Slow going for a while. 9am-banana-truck

Update [6:50 am]: 
We’v been in VA for a while, which of course meant we didn’t have internet. Trying to go over the Harry Nice Bridge, we stopped to pay the ($6!) toll. The toll guy looked at us funny and told us we had Easy Pass…turns out there was one hiding in the glove compartment that has already registered. Still winning.

harry-nice-bridge-virginiaUpdate [5:10am]: We were in the car and on the road 1 minute early. Already winning.



I have a lot of content to add from my recent travels which will be up soon. In the meantime, I thought I’d kick things off with a live blog of my latest adventure: Pensacola or Bust.

Brian’s little brother, Gordon, and I are roadtripping to Pensacola to spend about 10 days enjoying our (temporary) unemployment. So we’re driving 16 hours straight from Southern Maryland to Pensacola, Florida.

We’ll be taking Gordon’s car over the mountains and through the woods to the sunshine state. I’ll post regular updates on our progress, starting with our departure at 5am sharp tomorrow morning.

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