National Museum of Naval Aviation


I’m back in action and I have some catching up to do. Several  weeks ago I was in Florida visiting Brian for the first time in his new digs.

Our weekend which included a trip to the National Museum of Naval Aviation. It’s open to the public and is a good stop if you’re into things that fly. (And I’m not sure why you would be in Pensacola if you’re not.)

You may be aware that Pensacola is home to the Blue Angels, the Navy’s “flight demonstration squadron”. Basically they’re the team of pilots who fly under the Navy banner at flight shows all over the place. They were well-represented in this museum, although there was a whole lot to see.


Right away you get a sense of scale; below is an F-14 alongside some visitors on a bench.


Inside, one of my favorites was this (very literal) float plane, which was basically just a boat with wings. It was very Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.


Here’s another aircraft in the same vein — a helicopter that actually landed on the water and floated there while the pilot got out to rescue people. I, for one, am glad that rescue operations have come a long way since then.


The exhibits ranged from funny-looking…


to Presidential. Here’s Nixon himself catching up on the news in Marine One. I’ll take two, please.


They also saved some well deserved room for the space program, including the capsule below.


And of course, the Blue Angels dominated the scene. Here’s a formation of retired A-4s flying inside.



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