Geneva, Switzerland

About 3 months ago I went to a class at my local REI about planning a budget trip to Switzerland. At the time it was a fun, just-in-case kind of thing, but little did I know I’d be visiting Switzerland in short order.


It was only one day in Geneva to catch my flight back to the States, but it was still useful having a few tips of what to expect.


For example, my friend and I had lunch at the baths on Lake Geneva. We were hoping for fondue, but learned that it’s out of season during summer! Still a nice spot for lunch, though.


I also knew the street fountains were fine to drink from and a good place to refill water bottles.


Geneva was low on the list of destinations to experience Switzerland (probably because of its international influences and big-city feel), so we spent most of the rest of the time wandering around.

We stopped past the Saint Pierre Cathedral.


And this clock garden, not to mention a few of the many watches in window displays around the city.


We admired the fountains and the parks.


And even came back to this one later for a makeshift picnic.


We stayed the night at the Cornavin Hotel — of Tintin fame — which is right beside the central train station in the city. The rooms were nice, with cowhide chairs and big bathtubs.

Our sunset view was over some train tracks, but it ended up being convenient to walk across the street for an early-morning departure to the airport.


All said and done I’m glad I got to spend some time wandering the city. It definitely seemed more accustomed to people coming for work than for tourism, but that made for great people watching and a low-key afternoon. There are worse cities to unwind in before a long flight.


4 thoughts on “Geneva, Switzerland

  1. Thanks for your brief tour of Switzerland. And I do remember your post about the REI class.
    I almost got to Switzerland once, but it was a mistake — we were on our way to the Milan airport from Portofino before dawn and overshot our exit. Then we saw snow-covered peaks. Uh-oh. But we made the flight. Someday I’ll go to Switzerland on purpose. It looks lovely. Thanks Gail.


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