Springfield, VA

I’ve been getting to know the Springfield, VA area and while Maryland is obviously still way better, I’ve been impressed. Turns out it’s not a bad place to pass a summer day.


Lake Accotink Park is one of my favorite so far. There are a lot of trails — both paved and dirt — for walking, running, and cycling. There seems to be quite a number of trails for mountain biking in particular, but even the paved paths are wide enough for a road bike. The surrounding trails back up to a lot of neighborhoods, so there’s usually a good crowd there outside of work hours.


The Gerry Connolly Cross Country Trail runs through the park as well. The GCCCT is more than 40 miles long in all and connects all of Fairfax County. You can run right from one park into the next without seeing a single car. Amazing!


Lake Accotink Park has a lot to offer on its own, though. Not only can you take your sunset picnic and or fish in the spillover section, you can also rent boats, attend summer concerts, or play minigolf.


So far all I’ve done is explore the trail system, but that’s kept me plenty busy.


One thought on “Springfield, VA

  1. The rest of us are going to see the world vicariously through your blog, Gail. These are great pictures and show just how much of the U.S. is worth exploring, beyond the usual tourist places.


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