A large part of my long hiatus from blogging was the fact that I left to do field work in Antarctica. I was unexpectedly gone for Christmas and New Years, but science knows no holidays.


I’ll share more about my time in Antarctica soon, but I have to say one of the saving graces this time around was access to the airport lounge. What a game changer. Food, drinks, comfortable seats. Even a shower in some places. I’m willing to argue that even a 15 hour flight in economy can be¬†salvaged by airport lounges on either end.


LAX was kind enough to have a video/light show on as I passed through on my way south as well. Not a bad way to spend a 5 hour layover.

lax-airport-lounge The journey to Antarctica is a long one, but never again will I underestimate the value of certain modern luxuries.

4 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Sounds like your airport experience was better than most, Gail. The pictures tell it all. BTW, where was the picture at the very top of your page taken? New Zealand, maybe?


  2. I don’t belong to any airlines lounge clubs, but I’ve had the opportunity to use them from time to time, and I agree with you Gail!


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