Island Divers


I think all of you know that I got my Open Water scuba diving certification last fall. I got certified in a manmade reservoir in Central Texas and had yet to really go diving somewhere cool, but I got certified in anticipation of going at some point. This vacation presented the perfect opportunity.
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Pearl Harbor Memorials


The first Sunday I was there, Brian and I went to check out the Pearl Harbor Memorials. We went in the morning and first stopped at the Arizona Memorial to get tickets for the ferry. We had a few hours before our ferry was scheduled to leave, so we went over to explore the Bowfin submarine anchored next door and the submarine museum nearby.
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Hawaii overview


After some flight changes due to the closed runway at SFO, I finally left Hawaii today after getting to spend an extra night in paradise. The trip was fantastic overall. Brian and I stayed with some of Brian’s friends from the Coast Guard Academy who live in a gorgeous house, about 2 blocks from the beach on Kailua Bay. Because we were on the opposite side of the mountains from Honolulu, we were able to avoid a lot of the tourist traps and heavy traffic.
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