Diving at Point Lobos

Not even 24 hours after our Thanksgiving feast ended, Brian and I were on the road to Point Lobos, California (near Monterey and Carmel). We met some of his friends for breakfast on the way and then we all headed down south for a day of diving in Whalers Cove in Point Lobos State Nature Reserve.

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I recently stumbled upon the latest viral approach to parenting: Dinovember.

Basically, some creative parents are taking the month of November to reinstill imagination in their children for the second year in a row. Every night of November, the parents stage the kids’ dinosaur toys to look like they’ve come alive overnight. Kind of like leaving leprechaun footprints in the house around St. Patrick’s Day or staging those little elf dolls around the house at Christmas. But this just seems way more awesome.

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You’ve got to be kitten me

It’s Friday, so I thought I’d post something light and fun. Kittens happen to be both light and fun.

I do a fair bit of petsitting for people around Austin. In the past, I’ve mentioned the cats and fish that I sit for during the summer (and I found out last week there’s a new kitten amongst them!). I also petsit for the sweet dog below, Morgan, which is what I was up to a few weeks ago. The week before that I was housesitting for a dog, 2 cats, 6 chickens, and a pond full of fish. It was my first experience with chickens, so that was a new challenge. (The second day I learned from a friend that it’s easier to ‘pull’ them into the coop at night — lure them with food — than to chase them in. The fourth day I learned that if you wait until just before dark they go into the coop on their own.)

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