Road Trip: Marfa, TX

After our visit to Carlsbad Caverns, it was time to set our sights on Austin. After a week on the road, I was ready to be back home. That didn’t stop me from instigating a detour on the way, though: Marfa, TX.

Marfa is a town in the Middle of Nowhere (sometimes known as West Texas). It’s become renowned for attracting minimalist art, including the now-defunct Marfa Prada store. In my opinion, it’s one of those places that’s not really worth a trip by itself since it’s so far from anything else, but I figured it would worth a gander while we were in the neighborhood. Brian was a good sport and agreed to take the scenic route to Austin.


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I recently stumbled upon the latest viral approach to parenting: Dinovember.

Basically, some creative parents are taking the month of November to reinstill imagination in their children for the second year in a row. Every night of November, the parents stage the kids’ dinosaur toys to look like they’ve come alive overnight. Kind of like leaving leprechaun footprints in the house around St. Patrick’s Day or staging those little elf dolls around the house at Christmas. But this just seems way more awesome.

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McMurdo Alternative Art Gallery

The next day was the McMurdo Alternative Art Gallery event and a few of us were determined to participate. (Photos sprinkled throughout this post.)


Nativity scene made from waste food. All trash of any kind has to be shipped off the continent, so recycling is key.

A few days earlier, some scientists from UTIG finished up their project. They had dropped a robot through a borehole in the ice and drove it around in the ocean under the ice shelf taking video of the bottom of the shelf and the creatures that lived down there, a place that’s incredibly hard to get through it’s far from the ice edge and the ice is more than 100 ft thick.
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