Lyttelton Port of Call

We had an extra day to wait in the Christchurch area before loading up to head to McMurdo Station, Antarctica because one of the C-130 flight crew got sick. So a few of us intrepid explorers caught a bus over the hill to the town of Lyttelton.


Lyttelton is a small town perched above Lyttelton Harbor, a flooded volcano crater. Its port is the main import/export terminal on the South Island and a hub for cruise ships ferrying visitors to Christchurch.

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Circle Brewery Open House

One of my neighbors is co-founder of a local brewery called Circle. Every once in a while, they have an open house where they open the place up and invite anyone and everyone to come enjoy some quality beer. It usually involves at least one food truck and a lot of people with lawn chairs. This was my second time attending and it was great, as usual.

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