Return of the Blog

It’s been a while since I updated the blog with my latest adventures. I’m happy to announce the blog will be back in action starting next week.

There will be posts about a very Texas Fourth of July, a One-Day Walking Tour of London, and a Cycling Tour of Goa, India plus much more.

While I’m working on the latest updates, feel free to look back at some of the most popular posts on the blog from the last few years:


Pyramiden, Spitsbergen — An abandoned Russian mining town, population: 2.

grace-cathedral-UN-muralGrace Cathedral, San Francisco — Classic architecture with a modern message.


Christchurch, New Zealand — Art-rich restoration after a devastating earthquake.


Gliding — Free falling over Central Texas.


Castle Rock, Antarctica — Hiking in one of the most remote places in the world.

4-month triweekly blogiversary

I can’t believe it’s been 4 months since I started writing for this blog 3 times a week. I never thought I’d be able to keep up that pace for this long. It turns out that having a lot of photos to share goes a long way to facilitate the process.

To say the least, updating this blog so often has reminded me to have a life. Three posts a week of “I went to work today and then I went home” just wouldn’t cut it. But luckily I’ve had a lot of great memories to share over the last 4 months and even more fun, new experiences over the last few  years. Post-grad life has treated me well. At some point there will probably be more throwback posts to share other long-lost photos of adventures I’ve had during the last few years.

I’m not sure my life will always be exciting enough for this much blogging (I’m not sure it’s even that exciting now…), but I’ve got enough ideas to keep it up for a while longer so I’ll keep going. Thanks for reading and commenting so far. It’s been fun sharing what I’ve been up to.