East Antarctic Science

Dragons might not actually be real, but there’s still a lot of impressive (and real this time!) new research coming out. I mentioned weather thwarted the work I was scheduled to do in Antarctica this past season. It’s not all that unexpected when it comes to operating in Antarctica, but luckily our group typically manages to beat the odds in order to collect a lot of data.

Although this season was a downer, the science continues back in Texas. About two weeks ago, a member of our team got some pretty substantial press about a recently published paper which I’ll try to describe here. Our work this past season was expected to contribute more observations to allow for a future extension of this study (in addition to lots more information for other science).

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Castle Rock, Antarctica

Eventually I did make it to the ice. However, this season in Antarctica was a slow one for airborne science. Weather was consistently just iffy enough to ground our flights for the last half of the season. In fact, our entire field campaign to East Antarctica was cancelled.


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Texas Stars Hockey

Recently I got a coupon with my grocery receipt which was good for two free tickets to go to a Texas Stars hockey game at the Cedar Park Arena. It was impressively serendipitous considering a conversation I’d had with some friends a few days before about going to see a game this hockey season. Needless to say, later that week we found ourselves in line in the rain waiting to redeem our tickets.

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