Home Sweet Hail

We got back to Austin late, after a week on the road. A great trip overall but I was happy to be back in my own house. Brian was able to stay the weekend before he continued on to Florida.

To pass the time in Austin, I took Brian to see a PhD defense at the university. The defender was Dusty Schroeder, a member of my research group. He did a great job presenting and I’m happy to say his committee passed him with flying colors. Dr. Schroeder’s PhD thesis is titled “Characterizing The Subglacial Hydrology Of Thwaites Glacier, West Antarctica Using Airborne Radar Sounding”. If you’re intrigued, one of his papers related to the thesis can be found here.

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Tahoe weekend

Attending AGU is always a rewarding, yet grueling, experience. It’s a long week that takes strategic planning to keep from getting burned out. A few days of vacation afterward always helps to rejuvenate me before heading back to work the following week.

Last year I went back to Maryland after AGU. The year before that a friend and I stayed in a hostel and went on an epic biking misadventure in the bay area. Two years ago was my first visit to San Francisco so I spent some extra time taking in the sights. This year Brian and I were both in town so we decided on a weekend getaway to Tahoe.

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