Pepe the Penguin and Goodbye to the Airfield

I think I mentioned this before, but before we left for the field, there had been an Emperor Penguin hanging out by the road out to the airfield. He (or she) stood in the same spot for weeks, seeming never to move very much.
Well, a day after the survey plane arrived back in McMurdo we were greeted with a surprise: the penguin (dubbed Pepe by some) was on the move! In fact, he’d decided to take the road and was now standing in the middle of the road at the airfield.


Over the next few days he moved a farther down the road until, on our last day at the airfield, he was waddling just past the edge of the airfield. Needless to say, I got some photos with him.




Newest firefighter reporting for duty.

I also walked around a bit on the last day to get some final shots of things at the Pegasus Airfield. Next time I returned I would be leaving for good.


Due to structural concerns, our rac tent was taken down while we were away and replaced with this fish hut. It must have aired out a bit while we were gone too because it didn’t smell unbearably of fish.


Cool mural inside the fish hut


I don’t know what this is or why it’s so heavy or why it’s important to announce how heavy it is, but 43,280 lbs? Dang.


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