Scenes from Byrd Station, Antarctica

Here’s a smattering of photos from around Byrd camp.


My tent backlit by the midnight sun.


“Group mode” at work. Our team makes decisions in a specific way that allows for all issues and options to be heard about anything that comes up. Read: we have meetings and make cracks about “group mode” a lot. This was a particularly late and long meeting.


There was no “science” sign, so we got labeled “Medical and Comms”. Which is true in a sense since all the medical equipment was stored in there and we had a satellite phone…


Flight Mechanic standing in the cold next to the generator waiting for the plane to land.


These rainbows around the sun are pretty common in Antarctica and are often called “sun dogs”. I don’t know why. Bonus points if you can pick out the black speck that is the Basler as it flies into the sun.


Ready to go.


We did a survey of Byrd Camp to go along with the snowmobile survey of the runway. Here’s JKB flying overhead.


The freezer cave, where the camp’s frozen food is stored.


It was built years ago and was once above ground, but has since been buried by snowfall.


Extra food is left year to year and the freezer cave will be dug out again when the camp is repopulated next austral summer.



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