Austin and a New Member of the Family

The rest of the road trip, as they say, is history. My dad and I arrived in Austin with a little bit of trouble finding the right stretch of road to be on to get to the house. I had lined up a garage bedroom in a house a few miles from my office. It ended up being a great for rollerblading and line drying!


I’m sorry to say Billy Bob didn’t last too long in the September heat. I’m sure it was more my fault than anything; a road trip is not easy for an avocado plant and it took me some adjusting to realize just how often things need to be watered in the Texas summer.

I lived with a young family that first year and it was fun to see their 4 month old turn into a walking, talking toddler who was great at high fives. Ultimately, when the house started feeling a bit crowded I moved into an apartment for a year and then into a house owned by a friend.

Now, three years and a master’s degree later, I’d say Austin has been good to me. But to top things off, there’s been a timely new addition to the family. About 6 weeks ago when I was housesitting, I cut open an avocado and noticed that the pit had already sprouted. I put it in some water since it clearly had ambitions to grow.

It has been growing strong and sprouting since late July, but it really got going while I was in Norway. So, it looks like Ruby Lee was meant to be after all. Too bad Billy Bob isn’t around to meet her.


5 thoughts on “Austin and a New Member of the Family

  1. Ruby Lee is a fine looking avocado. But I think she would have been too tall for Billy Bob anyway. And it’s hard to believe you’ve been in Austin three years.


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