I recently stumbled upon the latest viral approach to parenting: Dinovember.

Basically, some creative parents are taking the month of November to reinstill imagination in their children for the second year in a row. Every night of November, the parents stage the kids’ dinosaur toys to look like they’ve come alive overnight. Kind of like leaving leprechaun footprints in the house around St. Patrick’s Day or staging those little elf dolls around the house at Christmas. But this just seems way more awesome.


I’ve included some pictures from Dinovember’s facebook page to give you the full effect. The parents stop at nothing, they go from spray painting the walls to dumping out entire boxes of cereal, all in the name of exemplifying the mischief that toy-dinosaurs-come-alive would surely exhibit.


The dinos go from wreaking havoc in the kitchen to enjoying a pleasant tea party to defending a cardboard castle from a fire-breathing dragon, er, T-Rex.


The kids in question seem to be around the age of 5 – 7. That’s pretty firm Santa-believing age I think, so it makes sense how the kids can buy into it so thoroughly. And I must admit, this would be really fun to wake up to.


My first grade teacher did the leprechaun thing and I remember thinking it was the best thing ever. I mean, where did all those sparkly green footprints come from?? It MUST have been a leprechaun. Here they are all over my desk! There they go across the carpet! Here he was doodling on the chalkboard! Oh, the memories.

dinovember_iceage Still, I wonder if this is more fun for the kids or for the adults…the older you get, the harder it becomes to find an excuse to write on the walls and play with dinosaurs.

6 thoughts on “Dinovember

  1. That’s fantastic—literally! It restores my faith that younger generations have not lost their inner child and imagination, and I’m talking about both the parents and the children. Think of all the variations you could do (although not as elaborate as dinosaurs-come-alive, maybe): rabbit footprints on Easter morning, leading to the Easter basket, or fairy dust under the pillow with the money for a lost tooth, or any number of toys coming alive for whatever reason. I wonder who originally thought up Dinovember.


    • Sounds like you have lots of ideas yourself! I think the people running that facebook page originally came up with the idea. I’m not sure where they got the original inspiration from, but it looks like they’re having fun with it.


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